Why rent your electricity when you can own it?™

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  1. Schedule a visit with one of our residential Solar Experts today. We will teach you all the information you will need in order to determine ‘when’ converting to solar is right for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable Solar Experts will help you on your way to saving money with solar.

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  2. Our knowledgeable team will walk you through each step of the installation process to make it as simple as possible. Once a plan is established to optimize your home for solar panels, they will be installed and you will be on your way to savings!

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  3. Why rent your electricity when you could own it?™ The monthly cost to pay off your solar panels will be smaller than your monthly electric bill! Once you’ve converted to solar, your electric bill will be no more!

    Why Convert to Solar?

The O3 Home Solar Difference

We Make Solar Easy

1. Relationships
We like having a great relationship with our clients. When we have the right relationship, communications are more effective, the project proceeds more smoothly, and we get to make money together! That’s right, on average we help our clients make over $5,000 annually through our referral program.

2. System
Our solar energy experts will educate you through the process, so you understand exactly how we determined the plan for your residential solar system and show you how it will meet your energy needs.

3. Economics
At O3 Home Solar, it is our mission to make solar affordable and bring residential solar systems to every home that can benefit economically. In other words, producing your own energy through solar is more affordable than renting your electricity from your utility provider. Solar will save you money!

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  1. Stop renting your electricity and pay less every month by converting your home to solar. Our clients are seeing approximately 35%+ savings in their utility cost. Save by converting your home to solar with no money down!

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  2. Own your own solar power plant. Stop renting from the utility company. Most utility providers will buy back what you produce, eliminating the ever-rising cost of electricity for you every month. 

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  3. Converting to solar is great for the environment and brings clean energy to our planet. Why not produce your own sustainable energy and make a difference for future generations.

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I am most excited about using solar energy and being able to keep my house super cold in the summer without an expensive bill! Thanks to O3 Home Solar for doing a great job and making it a smooth process throughout the entire way.

Anthony H.
Fort Worth, TX

I am most excited about saving on my electric bill and helping with the environment. O3 Home Solar kept me informed on the schedule and was there every step of the way. Thanks!

Kenneth & Mary M.
Bedford, TX

O3 Home Solar has provided me with a wealth of information on my solar system and I am so excited that I will be able to produce enough power to eliminate my electric bill!

Steve & Bonnie B.
Fort Worth, TX

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